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I've been classified here before, but it seems there was some inconsistancies last time-- probabley the result of poor pictures. Nonetheless, I do have many questions about my particular classification, and I'll probabley interrogate all of you who classify me. Anyhow, I want to be reclassified to help confirm a theory I made concerning the origin of my maternal line and to know why I'm lacking in paternal West Med. features (they're West Med., trust me, and significently more depigmented than I am).

Brief Familial history
Grandmother's family from the northern parts of Algeria, indubitably decendents of the Jewry of Al-Andalus. The family is fairly dominant in West Med features, including a significent amount of depigmentation for a West Med. (I am actually more pigmented than both sides). Her and her siblings actually look very very very similiar (except with less pigmentation, and her hair is very thick and curley-- not like a Moor though) to Algerian-born French philosopher Jacques Derrida, thus I will use him as an example (pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4). One of my grandmother's brothers actually has red hair and freckles-- but that's a whole different issue (actually, I'd like some ideas on this).

Grandfather's family are the direct decendents of Jewish Geonim rabbi/philosopher/theologian Shlomo ben Yitzlkak AKA Rashi, whose, um, "influence" founded many of the major Jewish families of Europe (futher explained there and here). My family lived in Troyes, Champeigne untill probabley the late 14th century, when many were exiled along with the Cathars and a few other heretical sects. They went to Tunisia (although I'm sure other parts of the family may have went to other places like the Rhine)-- to the island of Djerba, which has had a large Jewish community since well before Bar Kohkba's revolt-- and assimiliated with the locals, but not wholly, since my grandfather's customs were rather Ashkinazic, suggesting that the influence of these exiled Jews from France must be more deep-routed and that this may have been done through selected tribal breeding, meaning that the genes inhereted of that French Jewry would have been more preserved. The race of my grandfather was West Med but with more rounded features, as opposed to my grandmother's with more coerce features. His pigmentation was also fairly light.

Father - Don't have a picture of him either, but his features resemble more of my grandfather's, than my grandmother's. I think its important to mention that my father has blue eyes-- both of his parents having brown.

Before I delve into my cute little Khazar/Karai theory, I'll briefly explain both sides.

Grandmother - A mix of assimiliated German Jews and Polish rural Jewish folk from the Pale of Settlement. She has blond hair and blue eyes, and she has significent Nordic, Baltic, Dinaric influence. I don't have a picture of her.

Grandfather - His maternal line is from Odessa and Crimea for generations (I don't know how long, nor does my grandfather, but I'll explain this more in the theory). His paternal line is from the Baltic region, although his father only has a small bit of actual indigenous Baltic influence. He had the Mongolid eyefold, was very depigmented, and his facial structure was either Mongolid or Baltid, or a mix of both... and I don't really remember much else. As for the appearence of my grandfather, I resemble him quite a bit: the main differences being our mandibles (his being far more broad and larger), our hair texture (his far more coarse, but not curley or wirey), and the eye region.

Mother - Quite depigmented with black hair. Resembles me but with quite a few differences. I have a bit of trouble catogorizing her myself. She may just be a depigmented East Med something-or-other-subrace with Dinarid and North Med influence... I have no idea, don't take this to heart. Don't have a picture of her either.

The theory regarding my maternal line is that I am of direct racial (perhaps even cultural if I research this more) ancestry of the Khazars-- a Turkic people who conquired Crimea and the northern Black sea region, and converted to to Judaism and eventually to Karaism (a then-heretical form of Judaism that denies all literature but the Tanakh, and is somewhat fundamentalist in a sense). I would like to do more research on this, but unfortunately the Nazis and "Slavic interest groups" of the Communist era felt the need to, um, "Indo-Europeanize" the northern Black Sea region. Also, no documents were given to my grandfather, and he himself doesn't remember the particular Judaic traditions of their family (the family wasen't exactly the most pious of Jews-- suggesting perhaps that they were not infact Karaitesin the first place, or that they stoppped caring at a certain point in history due to material gain). My mother's father's mother spoke primarily Yiddish, possibly negating the theory since the Crimean Turkic Jews spoke some Turkic language, but the family there may have just assimiliated with the more Germano-Slavic orientated Jewry after Russia's annexation of Crimea and the western Black sea area.

Now, I realize that racial evidence isn't the supreme determinator of ethnic, or even geographic origin, but it will help the understanding. Oh, yes, I almost forgot about my pictures.

These picture are very recent, and more plentiful, especially after the 3 disputing interpretations last time.


Somewhat hard for me to take a good profile picture that includes my occupit and my forehead. This one will have to do.

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I'd like a detailed explaination of each of the major parts, and, some websites on the races of the Middle-East, Mediterannian, Black sea, and of the Turkic/Altaic peoples.
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