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Grandfather: 1/2 Iberian Basque, 1/2 French.
Grandmother: Spanish.
Grandfather: English.
Grandmother: Predominantly or fully Irish with possible (and by all means unwanted by her) English ancestry.

So I'm 3/8 Iberian, 1/8 French, and 1/2 British Isles.

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Med/Atlanto-Med. I don't know what to make of that mandible.

Oh, and LJ cut this.
It was pretty clear to do that - I'm sorry for not cutting it. That was pretty newbish.

Anyway, I usually write my weak mandible off as individual variation. Also I've been going to an orthodontist for years about it because they were saying I'd get TMJ because it was so crooked. My paternal grandfather's actually popped very loudly at the dinner table, though he never had any actual problems with it.

If it's any use - information about my family:

My (Basque/French) maternal grandfather was a more robust Atlanto-Mediterranid and or an Atlanto-Mediterranid with Nordid admixture in term of facial morphology. Had quite a robust "butt" chin (unlike mine). But he was also of a very gracile build and short height (5'9), which is more typically West-/Gracile-Mediterranid. Also: Teal eyes. Medium-Brown hair.

My (Spanish) maternal gradmother was unclear. She had an almost euryprosopic face, but was rather Mediterranid otherwise. While she didn't have a very coarse or infantile face, perhaps this could be explained by Berid/"Palae-Sardianian"/"Coarse Mediterranean" admixture. Also: brown eyes. Thick eyebrows, like mine - could possibly be seen, along with very curly hair, as old Eastern Mediterranid admixture. Heigh: I have no idea, but it must have been low.

My mother is pred. West/Gracile-Mediterranid. Slightly rufous hair, but not very light. Not a particularly thin face either, but less wide her mother's. 5'3.5". Also: brown eyes.

My father comes close to a North-Atlantid with a Dinaromorphic tendency (more or less what Coon's "Keltic-Nordic" is). Also: hair more rufous than my mother's, but also not light. Not very tall: 5'10"; green/hazel eyes. Maybe also some Cromagnid/Dalofaelid admixture there - I'm not sure. Probably not too much. Also: pointed chin.

His (Irish) mother I'm not clear on - she was 70-80 when she was with us, and but perhaps her came close to my father. I think I remember a Dinaromorphic nose, though perhaps it was simply Nordid/Mediterranid. Her height must have been no more than 5'3.

His (English) father I'm not sure of. It's a been a while, but he was 6'0-2". Blue eyes/dark hair, leptosomic, robust-tall, so probably North-Atlantid or predominantly that.

More on me: height - 5'11. Age: 17 last Nov.
"be explained by Berid/"Palae-Sardianian"/"Coarse Mediterranean" admixture."...

ie: my racial type. ;)
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